Earth is

fixed on a foundation



on its axis under a


canopy of fixed stars and

hung upon nothing

these are the descriptions found in scripture

  • Isa 40:22; 42:5; 44:13; 44:24; 45:12
  • Psa 104:2
  • Jer 10:12; 51:5
  • Zec 12:1
  • Job 9:8; 37:18

reference the Stretched and Static Stars of the Universe

  • Jos 10:13
  • Isa 48:13
  • Psa 93:1
  • Ecc 1:5
  • Job 26:7
  • 1Ch 16:30

reference the Fixed Earth. In summary, scripture says the Earth is not orbiting the Sun, nor is Space made of any sort of “Dark Matter”, nor is the Earth and Sun part of a sea of expanding stars as “Big Bang Theory” claims. All these theories originated in the British Royal Society, a Rosicrucian Society of men like Isaac Newton (Isaac = Abram’s 2nd born son; Newt = Lizard; Nice eh?) Earth is not moving in the slightest, it is gyroscopically stabilized with its axis oriented today to North Star Polaris = Pole Star, through rotation and expansion. Gyroscopic stability cannot be explained without expansion and accelerating expansion is the most likely explanation for Mass causing Weight (Newton’s Gravitational Constant “G” resolves down to the familiar F=MA). Expansion also explains the why the Atmosphere remains attached to Earth in the vacuum of space and explains the appearance of Orbits. The alternative to this explanation is a rotating “Firmament” of Stars, an Egyptian concept. I see no way for the Earth to remain stable in space, nor wobble with this theory and the differential velocities of Stars need to explain this are mind boggling, requiring the Firmament of Stars to have a far higher density ie “Dark Matter” to explain the accelerations involved. I want no confusion here; Fixed rotating Earth; Space is Nothing ie a Vacuum; Stars are also Fixed. This is what Scripture says and what I can prove with my feeble brain; or if you choose Stephen Hawking, his Brane. No misspelling, this is what he and many modern astrophysicists believe; short for “Membrane” this Universe being only one of infinitely many. God will get a chuckle out of them telling Him that I’m sure.

Earth is not a perfect sphere, it wobbles on its axis, causing the Equinoxes to precess against the fixed backdrop of stars; the appearance of movement opposite the direction of rotation 10 every 72 years became the basis of Astrology. The pagan holiday of Yule was celebrated as the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun, called “Sol Invictus” (Unconquered Sun). Judah Maccabaeus cleansed the altar and re-dedicated the 2nd Temple on 25 Kislev (celebrated the eve of 24 December), 165 BC to begin “Chanukah” and at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, Constantine’s newly formed Catholic Church decided to make the Son’s and the Sun’s birthdays coincide, and in 40 years, the first Christ-Mass was held, coincident in years with 40 years between Jesus’ prophecy and destruction of Herod’s Temple. It is no more possible for a Man to cleanse Sin from the Stone Temple of God than for a Man to cleanse Sin from his own Bodily Temple, but Freemasons don’t understand that because their rituals are designed to blaspheme the Holy Ghost.

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